weddingRuitualDid you know that the use of a Wedding Veil originated in Ancient Rome, and was designed to hide the bride from evil spirits, and carrying the Floral Bouquet (the strong smelling herbs or flowers) warded off bad luck. Interesting right, well here are some more fascinating wedding traditions from all over the world.

BORNIO- Malaysian Tedong Trib wedding members were not permitted to go to toilet or leave house for 3 days prior to wedding.  Those who did not practice this ritual would bring bad luck to the couple by either a broken marriage, infidelity or death of their children.

SCOTLAND- The couple is covered with black molasses, soot and flour to ward off evil spirits.  Belief that if you handle this, you can handle anything including marriage.

FRANCE-  Archaic practice of sending couple to bed while bridal party takes food, punch and misc. items into a pot to cook, and couple must drink contents.  Purpose: To give couple strength and virility on wedding night. Today they serve chocolate and champagne, and served out of a toilet.

ROMANIA- Bride kidnapping. If you manage to keep your future wife for 2 days, it is “meant-to-be” and you are considered “worthy” of becoming her husband.

MONGOLIA- Future Pair must get a baby chick, and with same knife holding it together, you must gut the baby chick. Then find its liver, and if the liver is not diseased, then you can set the wedding date, if the liver is diseased, you must do the process again.

NEW GUINEA – The groom negotiates withe the brides family with gifts of pigs and shells.  A low quality bride merits 1 to 2 pigs whereas top quality bride, gets out of 30 pigs, which some will be consumed at wedding.

MAURITANIA– Obesity is Desirable. Parents begin feeding their child at 5 years old. Future brides are forced fed by their family  to look more attractive on wedding day. Polygamy is Legal.

NIGER– groom must tickle his brides ear to be accepted, if it entices her, then its OK to Wed. Before the ceremony during a full moon a goat is sacrificed to purify the wedding site, and the bride has face decorated with red crosses and pastel dots on cheek. After Wedding a camel will be made to dance for guests along with a drum beat.  In Niger, Polygamy is legal, age of consent is 15 and 89% of girls marry as children.

SUDAN– Neur Tribe believe that barren women are married off as “husband” to another woman who in turn are impregnated by “secret boyfriend”. The barren woman is thus recognized as the legitimate father of the child.  Sudan ranks 9th with highest child marriage, where one in seven girls are married before age 15, and some child brides are as young as 8 years old.

GERMANY– “Polteraband” is a custom where the night before wedding, guests break porcelain dishes to bring luck to the couple. It takes place the Friday before the wedding.

CHINA– Tujia in Sechuan – The bride cries for 1 hour everyday for one month, 10 days into this ritual, the mother joins in and 10 days later the grandmother begins. This tradition came from a mother of a Chinese princess sobbing at her daughters wedding. This tribe believed in Polygamy, age of consent: 20.

SWEDEN– During the wedding celebration if the bride leaves the room/hall, she can accept a kiss from any man in the reception, and for as much as they want. Also the tradition of banging on a glass to cause the couple to kiss was born here.

INDIA– Bride and Groom must marry a peepal, banana or a silver or golden idol on Hindu God Vishnu.  Once the ceremony has taken place the tree is destroyed, that will break any potential curses that the bride or groom my have.

GREECE-  In Ancient Sparta a bride would have to shave her head and dress in mens clothing, then be “Stolen-Away” by Spartan man ( groom).  Historian believed this ritual was to ease men into a heterosexual lifestyle, since they were usually avid practitioners of same sex activity.

SOUTH KOREA– Once the lavish wedding ceremony has taken place, friends of the groom would remove the grooms shoes and socks, tie a rope around both ankles, then friends would beat the soles of his feet with dried yellow corvina fish.  It was believed this practice makes the groom stronger in his marriage and family life. Polygamy is illegal.





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