Names that are Banned from Use

NAMEThese names are banned from use in these countries. GERMANY: Riley ,Taylor, Toby banned. Must be gender specific. MALAYSIA: Names of animals, fruits & vegetables are banned. Eg. Violet.  ICELAND: Carolina or names beginning with letter C, for that letter does not exist in the Icelandic alphabet. Since 1991, Icelandic Naming Committee decides whether given name is acceptable.  NEW ZEALAND: Duke, Prince, Princess, King, Major, Sargent, Night, for they offend a reasonable person.  SAUDI ARABIA: Elaine, Alice, Linda, Maya are a few of the many names banned, for they are perceived as religious sensibilities or affiliated with royalty and are of non Arabic or non Islamic origin. MOROCCO:  Spelling of Sarah not acceptable (Hebrew Origin) but Sara is. You can pay a fee for use of some names like Adam.  PORTUGAL: Tom not acceptable but Tomas yes. Only Full names and no unisex names. Mona Lisa banned from use.

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