Billionaires Honorable Social Club

giivngTHE GIVING PLEDGE– an elite group of 107 Billionaires and Trillionares, have agreed to donate 50% or more of their wealth to Charitable endeavors. Areas of concern were given, Pandemics, Global Warming, Water Pollution, Global Internet treats, Public Health and more, are are few of the areas where the monies will be used to correct or at least modify the severity of these issues. Bill Gates pledged 95% of his Wealth,  and Warren Buffet pledged 99% of his wealth. The 60 Minutes segment interviewer addressed how was it right for such a few to have so much control and power over our future, Warren Buffet responded with “should we then use our fortunes to buy palatial homes or live more extravagantly?” Good response to a ridiculously cynical question. The segment finished with announcing that since  November of 2013, twelve more billionaires have come on board.  Sounds wonderful to me.

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