GOP blatent UnAmerican Behavior-Why?

imagesWe usually do not voice our opinion on Political Issues, but in March of 1015, the GOP sent a letter to Iran Pres stating that any agreement made with the President of the United States will “not be honored” is going too far. There exists a law that prohibits any individual (s) from interfering in National Diplomacy issues, especially those issues that affect National Security. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we should Respect our President, for he was ELECTED by the majority.  The World looks to us for guidance and stability, and when they see such division, how can USA command the respect we have so enjoyed for so many years.  I doubt these un-American group of ignoramus extremists,  be held accountable for a letter that blatantly disrespects our President and his Office.  Never before has opposing party Legislators taken their disdain for a President to this level.  It seems the disrespect for any Democratic platform has been challenged and stomped on, which is why we feel that writing this note (although late in coming) becomes necessary.  The World is watching folks, lets stop looking like immature hateful vindictive boobs, its embarrassing.

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