Haven’t been so moved by a movie in a long time, and HIDDEN FIGURES will do the same for you. The performances of Taraji Henson and Octavia Spencer in particular, who portrayed a mathematician and engineer working at NASA, was so real, ones heart would go out to their plight to be acknowledged, recognized and respected. Supporting actors Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, Kristin Dunst were equally fantastic. It has been documented that John Glen would not go up in space unless he was assured that the character played by Taraji provided the calculations for lift off. This movie is a must see, especially today where the WOMANS MARCH in Washington and all over our Nation displayed the unity to safeguard womans rights, the movie become a symbol of the “movement” which began in the 60’s. ¬†We Give this movie 4.5 Stars (of 5).

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