We usually equate CONFIDENCE with COMPETENCE, however, “Confidence is just a decoy, like the dog that barks but doesnt bite” so says Tomas Chamorro Premuzic who wrote the book “Confidence” and discusses whether Confidence is a bi product of Competence. Gender was an important factor in this study, and he concludes that men usually have more confidence than women (who are more humble), which results in men being judged as competent in their field and/or in knowledge, and ultimately inviting more promotional opportunities. Woman with the same intensity of confidence, are thought of as “Psychopathic or a threat to society or an organization”. He stated: “Although Women had a higher GPA, higher education and emotional intelligence, they were “humble”. Whereas Men’s “confidence” systematically overlooked their actual ability, good judgement, self awareness, and how they impacted others, which traditionally are qualities in women. It seems society punishes manifestations of confidence in women. Asking the question, is humility looked at as being incompetent or insecure? His Advice: One should “Fake confidence when you are unable to fake competence” Mr. Premuzic concludes, that we should Stop basing our decisions (whether for job placement or in your personal life) on a persons confidence rather than competence, otherwise we will keep having arrogant, impulsive and narcissistic people in charge, or in our personal lives. It was interesting in his conclusion to note that studies showed that  “under confident” leaders did best when given power, than those with high levels of confidence. My note to this study: WHAT ABOUT US WOMEN, Should we express confidence or Not?  Guess for us to respond with a “yes”, we should perhaps, demand and/or create more WOMEN in power positions.

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