Are Women Equal to Men……..Guess Not.

The Constitution says we (Women) are equal to men, so why do Health Insurance, and Car Insurance companies say differently? NBC reported how RATES for Men & Women, differ drastically. In Health Insurance, A man can be overweight, a smoker and even have a heart disease, yet their rates will be LOWER than a healthy, non smoking, thin woman. WHY? In Car Insurance, a man pays less than a woman, even though men have more accidents than women, Why? Woman also Pay higher prices for Deodorants, Hair products, shoes, jeans, underwear, at the Cleaners, and even for razors. Why? We ladies, certainly don’t earn more than most men, and we certainly keep the economy rolling by shopping. So why are we charged more for everything? Maybe we should boycott some womens products and begin using men products. I already use mens deodorant, and shower gel (which by the way smells better than womens) and razors (don’t need a pink handle). As for Health and Car Insurance, maybe we should become more active in voicing our opinion with our Congressmen. We definitely need to do something, after all, WE ARE EQUAL TO MEN, aren’t we?

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