Should Men Cry?

This week end Bubba Watson won the US Open Championship. He Cried. And our own Speaker of the House John Baehner shed many a tear or two. Should men cry? OK, its acceptable if a loved one died, or you had a big financial loss, or received bad health news, or Even seeing a tragic movie, but for WINNING a championship, not too manly. Yes it sounds like I have a double standard, but when woman are still expected to be “lady like”, by not being too aggressive or assertive, (for those qualities are the domain of men)  well then I should be able to insist that men be men by not showing a sentimental emotion like crying. After all, society still feels that crying is an accepted and expected behavior of women. OK, let the guy cry, but I wonder how he will react if something tragic or serious happens.  That should be interesting to see.

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