Dating Compatibility Question #1

There are six questions I ask to see if my date is compatible. Call me terrible, but I Hate to waste time with 2nd dates, unless he is boyfriend material.  Question #1. What would be your first self indulgent purchase if you won the 5 million dollar lottery? Most men would answer a two passenger car, like Porsche or a Maserati, which should be a clear indicator that he is not marriage material “yet”.  This response is clearly a person who is thinking of his own image and immediate needs, so where are you in this picture.  The answer you should look for is the guy who would chose his first purchase to be something he can “share” with others, like a house or a boat etc. This question clearly reflects the selfishness factor, and boy you sure want to know where he stands.  (Will reveal Question #2 later this week)

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