Is Miss USA Pagent Rigged?

Sheena Monnin, Miss PA., resigned from the Miss USA Pagent claiming that the five finalist were predetermined. This information was given to her by Ms. Fla who saw the list of finalist by mistake. Ms. Monnin didn’t believe it until the exact 5 contestants named by Ms. Fla were actually chosen. Donald Trump who runs the Pageant is now suing Ms. Monnin. The question to ask, is this a far fetched accusation? No I don’t believe it is, but Ms. Monnin will have a hard time proving it without the “smoking gun” that is, the actual paper showing the winning 5. I wish Ms. Monnin luck, for she is fighting the evil dragon who has a slew of legal dragons ready to tear her apart. He should tread gently though, for he is not as beloved as he thinks he is, and these are serious accusations.

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