Good Looks vs. Fiancially Independent

What defines a “Real Woman?”  This loaded question was posed to thousands of woman who answered the following:  24% of woman polled thought being financially independent was most important, whereas 25% of women answered that being attractive and a great loves was most important. As for Success, 38% of women said success merits popular recognition and celebrity status, and 32% felt that “good looks” was success itself, and merited all the accolades accompanying success.  I chose Marilyn Monroe, because she had beauty and success, yet it was not enough to make her happy. Beauty is subjective, what I might think is beautiful another may not, so is success, a multi millionaire might think a millionaire is poor folk.  So you see its all in what you think and how you assess. Im lucky, I think im beautiful and successful, and im happy. May no one contradict those beliefs…………or else!

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