Cell Phone Dead Zones

What happens if you buy a cell and your home is in a poor service zone? Here is the fine print that we overlook when signing a Cell carrier contract. AT&T -“AT&T does not guarantee availability of wireless network”.               SPRINT- “Coverage & Service speeds are not guaranteed”.                                T-MOBILE – “You agree we are not liable for problems relating to service availability or quality”.                                                                               VERIZON – “Wireless devices use radio transmissions, so unfortunately you cant get service if your device isn’t in range of transmission”.                      RESOLUTION: If your Carrier wants to sell you a costly network extender, don’t get it, for it seldom works to boost your signal.  Check your Providers coverage Map and location of their cellular tower. Lastly, check how long you have to Cancel your contract, for you if exceed those days you are required to pay the Penalty Cancellation fee. Here is the time frame for each Co. VERIZON 14 days, AT&T,  SPRINT and T-MOBILE , 30 days. But still ask, for this too can change.

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