“F” Word has New Meaning

Jennifer Weiner (best selling author) has made the use of the F” word, evil.  We are not talking about the curse “F” word, but the word FAT. Ms. Weiner discusses the way women (including herself until she came to “accept” her curves) hear that dreaded word and feel worse than if cursed at. She talks about the societies stigma attached to the word FAT, like lazy, unmotivated, selfish and under achiever. She recalls the subtle ways people called her FAT, like when they say she has a great personality, or has a pretty face, all with the unspoken and hidden “but she’s FAT” attached to the sentence,  (as if being FAT were contagious). Ms Weiner’s books (7 books) all have the heroin of her stories are healthy overweight super stars. (How nice is that!) She goes on by discusses which word would be socially acceptable to an overweight lady, and concludes that “plus size” is OK although it also carries the same social “stigma”. So what is the answer to this dilemma, she says when she finally accepted herself as she is, that’s when everything became better for her socially and  psychologically. She feels  you CANT have a happy life unless you accept whom you are. Sounds like easy words to follow but boy will society try to make you believe otherwise. Ms. Weiners first book “Good In Bed” became a best selling and spoke about the way her size truly was appealing to men, something they would rather not admit. Well all I can say is Go Girl….. your talented, special and  gorgeous…….. guess its because we share the SAME BIRTHDAY and Dress Size!                       Sugar

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