Panhandling New York Style

I decided to visit the World Trade Memorial site downtown Manhattan and while I was in the subway, a well dressed young guy (wearing new Nike sneakers and a NY Jets team bomber jacket) approched me and said he hadnt eaten in 2 days, and asked me “will I please give him $20. to get a good meal”.  I remember when panhandlers were happy with loose change or if they were bold they would ask for $1.00, but TWENTY DOLLARS, this guy puts the “B” in bold. I thanked him for thinking that I looked so rich I could easily spare a $20. and advised him to go to Wall Street where he might have better luck, he responded “if you didn’t have it, you just had to say so”. Now is that precious!  At a time when many New York families are still suffering from that horrible storm Sandy, there are some (like this guy) who wants to take advantage of the generosity of people. Obviously he has gotten $20. before from good hearted tourists who feel morally obligated to  contribute to any poor beggar, but don’t be fooled by these young guys who prey on the goodness of others. Give to NY neighborhood Houses of Worship or to the Red Cross, whom have done a great job, but please don’t feel intimidated, or demanded upon by those who have larceny in their heart.

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