Sugar or Salt, which is Your Preference?

Are you a Sugar or Salt person? Your Metabolism  & Personality is determined by which of these three is your preference.  To have a healthy Metabolism you need to consume equal parts mentioned below:

A) You are a Salt Person. You need lots of dark meat protein to have a healthy metabolism Specifically you need 50% Protein, 30% Fats and 20% Carbs. You can eat lots of dairy and real cheese.

B) You are a Sugar Person. You need more bread and cereal. Specifically you need to consume 20% Protein, 10% Fats and 70% Carbs. These guys do well on a low card diet, no cheese nor red meat for you.

C) You like both sugar and salt.. Here you need to consume  equal parts of each. Specifically, 33% Protein, 33% Fats, 33% Carbs.  This one sounds the best, but don’t cheat, you know which one refers to you. This was introduced on the Dr. Oz show, so don’t blame me.


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