Django Unchained – Movie Review

Jaime Fox has done it again, entertained and  mesmerized audiences with his performance in DJANGO UNCHAINED. This fun & entertaining movie allows us to witness the horrors and torment of slavery via the Quentin Tarantino method, which means expect lots of blood, gore (and my favorite theme, vengeance) sprinkled with some humor and love. Django agrees to partner with the slick German Dentist now Bounty Hunter Schultz, played by Christopher Waltz (loved this character), and ultimately recover his wife who is held by the ruthless slave owner played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The nasty and heartless black house slave (Samuel L Jackson)  adds to Tarantino’s need to offer us a slew of bad guys who must meet with proper justice. All and all, this was a fun movie, and you didn’t even notice it was 2 hrs 45 min. long. (I honestly wanted more). Go see it, We feel it’s definately Oscar Material for sure. We give *****

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