Small Boobs- Hooray, Small is Good!

by: Hallie Siegal. Last January I stopped wearing a bra.  I haven’t put one on back since.  I don’t remember buying my first bra.  I just know that at some point around age 12, I started wearing one—long before I “needed” to. Seven months ago I had a brassiere epiphany.  After waiting just a little too long to do my laundry, I ran out of bras. So I didn’t wear one, yes I went braless. Sure my boobs had a bit more point to them than before but that’s how they’d made to look, right? No chafing, no slips, no perverted stares directed downwards, In fact I confided in my friends that I was bra free, they admitted they couldn’t tell.  Since then its just me and my small boobs, hanging out together. and I am happy. I wish everybody else could be happy like this too.  but today it seems we women are more insecure with our size than ever.  Today large breast wield tremendous power, and the truth is we women are partly to blame for supporting that status quo.  This past year alone 300,000 women put themselves under the knife for breast augmentation surgery. For what? Certainly not for ourselves, as one major risk of surgery is losing the best thing your breast give you which is sexual pleasure. To add insult to injury, last month FDA issued a new warning. Ladies, while the loss of sensation may be lifelong, your silicone implants may not be.  According to a new report, at least 1 in 5 women will need her implants removed due to serious health complications.  These are complications that far exceed the perceived problems of having small breasts.  Implant rupture, scar tissue hardening, breast wrinkling and in the most unfortunate and rare cases, anaplastic large cell lymphoma.  Let me repeat, removal due to these complications isn’t one in a million chances, it ONE IN FIVE. So ladies, this is my appeal to you, don’t hold yourself to ideals of epic proportions, Let just all hang out together.

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