Omega 3-Fish Oil, is it worth taking?

A study conducted in Sweden stated that Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements do not protect you from heart disease. Study is NOT conclusive and this is why. Omega 3-Fish oil benefits are multiple, such as brain health (DHA helpful in brain transmission), decreasing depression, anxiety, bi-polar disease, & molecular degeneration (eye health). Also great for skin, hair & nails. USA studies show it decreasing heart disease by 9%. but studies also shown farm raised fish have very LOW Omega 3 because they are fed rice. If you want to avoid taking the supplement, and eat fish instead, only Mackrel, Wild Salmon, Sardines and Trout have the Omega 3. Dont eat Talapia, it has none. To find the best supplement here are some guide rules: 1. look for DHA (minimum 300 mg) accompanying the Omega 3 on the label. 2. If there is a “recommended daily dosage” this is a marketing ploy and not important. 3.Vitamin must be in a dark or opaque bottle because it is compromised if it has light, and limits their shelf life. Also refrigerate large bottles and only keep small amounts for daily use in room temperature. Tanya Edwards (Cleveland Clinic) on Dr Oz reported these interesting findings.

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