Your FACE and Your HEALTH

faceFacial lines, hues, marks, spots, creases and indentations can determine your health. A 2500 year old Chinese health practice determines how your face can hold the key to recognizing your body’s health.

GREEN FACIAL HUE– liver problems; RED FACIAL HUE– heart disease & high blood pressure; YELLOWISH FACIAL HUE– kidney issues; WHITENED FACE– lung issues; FOLDS BETWEEN EYEBROWS– weak immune system; REDDISH EYE SOCKET– inflammation of kidneys or back pain; RED NOSE– bladder inflammation or back pain; SWELLED VEINS ON THE NOSE -deteriorated kidneys or bladder; RED LIPS– overactive stomach; DARK LIPS– low function of spleen or kidney; DARK SKIN AROUND EYES– kidney problem, maybe “stones”   These are but a few of the facial conditions that can determine your health, its up to you to determine if its true or not.

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