DEXTER -FINALE -Was there a Writers Strike?

Was there a writers strike that caused the final episode of this great show to be written so poorly? Eight years of great suspense,  torment, angst, and excitement, only to end in a lack luster story line that had us all screaming ….WHAT!!??  Bad enough that we all cringed when we thought Dexter was heading for a suicidal “wild blue yonder” when he drove his boat “Slice of Life” towards a serious storm, for with Deb’s unexpected death, he was distraught. Just as we thought he was dead, after the Coast Guard found his capsized boat, the screen changed to Dex with full beard, at some wood logging State,  entering a sparse apt, looking unhappy and solemn.  My only reaction was WTF! Does it mean hes coming back? Rumors say there might be a Spin-off, but Don’t know…………. but can only hope.

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