delta (150x58)Tried to return home (New York City)  from Orlando Florida (via DELTA)  and it became a nightmarish ordeal!. Five of us were traveling,  scheduled to leave on Thus Jan 2.  DELTA was negligent in offering passengers information on cancellations or delays, that resulted in our incurring an additional and unexpected  financial burden ($2,300)  for the three extra days we had to stay.  We stayed the 3 extra days expecting to leave on Sunday, but DELTA did not inform us that there would be a 2nd delay, which would again incur a $2,300. output, with NO GUARANTEE of departure. NBC reported that JET BLUE will be issuing hundreds of points and/or a free ticket to anyone whose departure was cancelled because of weather. DELTA reported record profits in 2013, now we know how they do it, by not offering ANYTHING to passengers inconvenienced.  On Monday, Jan 6, we were still kept in the dark by DELTA and decided to go home via a van. LESSON LEARNED:  FLY JET BLUE ONLY, they genuinely care about their passengers. DELTA SUCKS!!!!

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