We Plus Size ladies are special and love special attention. Sugarplum Plus provides all that is fun and important to us: shopping, health discoveries, horoscopes, relationship advice, fashion do‘s and don‘ts, TV & Movie Reviews, Celebrity Gossip, and opinions on various controversial topics that affect our lives. If you have a question about our company, please contact us.

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FASHION CHOICE: (Shopping) Here you will find  “our size” clothing, accessories and gift items. We search high and low to find great sources that are not easily found, and profile only high fashion, high quality & hard to find collections.

CARRIE’S ADVICE: Share questions about love and family with Carrie. She promises to provide the same motherly advice that she gives her successful daughter.

HOROSCOPE: Now this is just PURE FUN!  Our guru of horoscope’s will match your particular sign with what you should wear, or what you should do to make your month happier and successful.

DO’S & DON’Ts: Fashion and Health suggestions, you should consider for a more perfect looking “you”.

MOVIES & TV: Reviews of latest Movies and TV Shows, as well as comments on Celebrities Fashion and Gossip.

OPINION: Various topics discussed. Topics are researched and meant to inform as well as entertain.